The consultant’s toolkit

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Dave Hay on several projects and always find him very generous in sharing his knowledge and experience but on the latest project where we worked together he taught me (and I suspect a few others) one of the most important things I will learn, so much so I have to share it.


The project we were working on required the team to work some long hours and each evening our meal was a take-away at our desks. After pizza and then burgers obviously it was only a matter of time until we had curry. When the curry arrived we all started to dive in and quickly realised that we’d forgotten cutlery, except Dave that is. Dave simply reached into his laptop bag and produced his own fork, we all looked on impressed (and slightly enviously) as we had to use our naan bread as make-shift spoons.


So, as Mr Hay told us: Always carry a fork with you, it’s an essential part of the consultant’s toolkit.



3 Responses to The consultant’s toolkit

  1. Glad something I said was of use :-)

  2. I’ve found my Katrina-supplied MRE spoon to be invaluable.

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